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What You Need to Know About Countertop Refinishing

Contingent upon the material, countertops can wind up watching exhausted following a couple of long periods of utilization. While routine support and care can assist with saving countertops looking great for quite a long time, there will in any case come when something other than special attention will be required.

The issue then, at that point, turns into an issue of whether it’s ideal to just refinish those old and prepared countertops or to supplant them altogether. Material variables in here too, yet, as a rule, refinishing most countertop materials will expand their life fundamentally.

We should investigate the interaction and cost of refinishing countertops.

Huge Savings

By and large, the property holder who chooses to refinish their counters rather than countertop substitution will save around 60% of the general expense. Also, that is assuming they go with a professional, which in all reality they ought to.

An appropriately done countertop refinishing could broaden the existence of countertops by 10-15 years, so except if you’re an ordinary Bob Vila type, don’t go above and beyond.

An inadequately done countertop refinishing, be that as it may, can open up your counters to new issues and open them to more mileage subsequently.

Notwithstanding a sizable expense of investment funds when contrasted with countertop substitution, it’s likewise a significant efficient device to exceed all expectations. Substitution requires a far more prominent disturbance and troubling of your time and individual solace. All things considered, substitution seems OK if you’re hoping to overhaul from artificial stone epoxy counters to authentic rock counters, yet it has neither rhyme nor reason assuming you’re simply going to stay with similar countertop materials, shading whatnot.

Countertop Material Determines Refinishing Process

Regular Stone

With regards to refinishing or reestablishing regular stone, it’s most certainly a cycle that has been rearranged by more up-to-date items. Do-It-Yourself reclamation of regular stones like rocks or marbles is unquestionably feasible, yet assuming you’re not 100% sure, don’t chance to obliterate a $5000+ speculation to save two or three hundred dollars.

All things considered, the method involved with refinishing stone countertops is to crush, sharpen, clean, and seal. The objective of the crushing stage is to eliminate a flimsy layer of stone to help with the production of what resembles another counter. While cleaning and cleaning should be possible by anybody, it’s straightforward why a full rebuilding task of stone countertops needs professional support. The crushing and sharpening steps are talented advances and any blunder can be exorbitant.

All things considered, when a stone counter is sanded, sharpened, cleaned, and fixed, it’s useful for somewhere around 10 years. Once more, routine support is significant to stretching out its life to and past the decade mark, however, it’s effectively reachable with smart consideration.


One of the most reasonable countertop materials, the cover is refinished straightforwardly; stick another overlay layer over the bygone one. You can indeed do this on a limited number of occasions (reasonably twice) before you will have to supplant those counters. There are additionally paint packs for cover countertops that permit mortgage holders to make an artificial marble or fake rock look.


Refinishing wood countertops is like refinishing wood floors. Sand and finish. If the floors aren’t excessively beat up, leasing a cradle and applying a polyurethane finish is frequently enough to take them back to their earlier magnificence.


Maybe the most straightforward, or if nothing else the least advances, refinishing an epoxy ledge is just a question of adding another layer of epoxy to the surface. Epoxies can be inclined to hotness or corrosive harm, however, so even a refinished epoxy counter requires a careful proprietor (and maybe a few trivets or different things intended to shield the counter from heat).

Do-It-Yourself or Contractor

The decision to DIY or to enlist a professional contractor like Arlington Bathtub Refinishing, to the extent it identifies with any countertop reclamation or refinishing project, reduces to a couple of points of thought.

As a matter of first importance, do you have the experience, ability, or range of abilities to do the work? Assuming that you do, then, at that point, it’s a question of whether or not you have the opportunity expected to wrap up the job without surging it.

The third thought, which could push its direction to the essential thought, is a financial plan. If you’re not ready to bear the cost of a contractor, DIY may be the main choice you have. Be that as it may, a straightforward expense hazard examination will assist you with settling on an educated choice. In some cases, it may very well be smarter to postpone a home improvement project like refinishing countertops to set aside the cash to have them done well.

Different occasions, and ward on your abilities and means, focusing in and getting down to it is consistently on the table when it identifies with working on the general stylish of a room or your home.

At last, the method involved with refinishing countertops isn’t one to worry about something over the top. There are DIY choices and assuming that isn’t your thing, employing a contractor will cost somewhere in the range of $250-700 relying upon how much counter space should be refinished.

Thinking about the drawn-out worth of a refinished countertop, and a large number of dollars it expenses to put in new counters, dishing out two or three hundred for quite a long time of utilization is a genuinely strong arrangement. Of course, so is being sufficiently convenient to just purchase the materials and supply the work yourself. Regardless, the final product (perfectly reestablished countertops) is worth the effort, whether you contract out or DIY.