Should You Refinish or Replace Your Bathtub?

On the off chance that you can purchase another bathtub for about a similar expense as getting one refinished, why not simply purchase another one?

You can purchase a spic and span bathtub for just $500, yet you can’t replace it for that equivalent of $500. Why? Since houses are worked around bathtubs and the most costly piece of supplanting a bathtub is certainly not the expense of the new tub.

A large portion of the cost of replacement is at first covered up. What is a portion of these secret expenses?

Bathtub removal and disposal costs

Will you truly eliminate the tub yourself, get it out of the bathroom or through the front entryway? On the off chance that you can, how might you discard it?

Regardless of whether you do get that far during the time spent eliminating the tub, a piece of the bathroom tile will certainly be torn away, and the pipes for the new tub may not fit the old pipes installations by any means.

So presently you might have to enlist a handyman and a tile man too.

That is how you could without much of a stretch wind up burning through hundreds or thousands of dollars supplanting a $500 bathtub.

So what makes refinishing a current tub a superior choice?

How long should a refinished bathtub last?

The solidness of a refinished bathtub is the same as that of a pristine bathtub. On the off chance that appropriately kept, a refinished surface could most recent 20 years, similarly as a pristine bathtub would.

Does a refinished bathtub require unique consideration?

Indeed. A Arlington Bathtub Refinishing professionally refinished surface looks feels and cleans like pristine, so make certain to utilize just gentle, nonabrasive items without blanch when cleaning. Likewise, with any new surface, the completion or sparkle can be dulled or harmed by rough cleaners or blanch.

For ideal outcomes, keep up with the caulking (nonsilicone) around totally refinished surfaces, particularly bathtubs, and don’t utilize a pull mat of any sort in a refinished bathtub. If you utilize a non suction mat, you should eliminate it after each utilization to keep away from dampness development between the mat and the tub.