How Long Do Refinished Countertops Last

Countertop refinishing is a reasonable way of remodeling your kitchen and broadening the existence of your counters. Rather than eliminating your current countertops and paying for new ones, our specialists can make your counters look like new, genuine stones. The interaction is a lot quicker and more affordable than countertop substitution, which asks a significant inquiry: how long do refinished countertops last?

In this conversation, we will investigate the life expectancy of refinished counters, alongside tips to keep your counters putting their best self forward.

How Long Do Refinished Countertops Last?

The normal life expectancy of refinished countertops is 5-7 years. Notwithstanding, we have seen a few homeowners have wonderful-looking countertops for an entire decade in the wake of refinishing. Everything relies upon the amount you utilize your counters and how well you care for them.

It is not necessarily the case that the countertops can presently don’t be utilized following 7 years. This is only when you may see chipping, scratching, and other harm because the topcoat has begun to erode. You can in any case utilize your counters actually as you did previously.

The most effective method to Preserve Your Refinished Countertops

Assuming you need to keep your countertops looking perfect, follow these tips:

Utilize hot cushions or trivets while putting a hot skillet on the counter. Setting a hot pot straightforwardly on the counter could make a hot spot or consume an indention into the counters. This applies to any overlay countertops, not simply refinished ones.

Utilize slicing sheets to cut meat and vegetables. Try not to utilize the outer layer of your countertop as a cutting board.

Keep away from rough cleaning items. You can clean most stains and spills with paper towels, dish cleansers, or antibacterial surface wipes.

Clean spills as fast as could be expected. While your refinished countertops will be impervious to stains, it’s best to stay away from them however much as could be expected. This is particularly evident following a couple of years because the reasonable coat on the counters will be more slender and more defenseless to the entrance.

Softly clear grains and granules off the countertop. Try not to scour the counters when salt, rice, or different particles are on a superficial level. Tenderly wipe those off first, and afterward scour. The grains can make small scratches on the counters that could prompt harm later on.

Spot a surface defender close to the oven for spoons and spatulas. Not exclusively will this shield your counters from heat, yet it will likewise keep them from getting scratched with incessant use.

Fix harms before refinishing the countertops. We will do this as a feature of our countertop refinishing process. The fixes guarantee that the final product looks as smooth as could be expected, and it will diminish the danger of harm later on.

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For Best Results, Avoid DIY Countertop Refinishing

If you’re attempting to get a good deal on kitchen or bathroom redesigning, you might investigate the ideal of DIY tile and countertop refinishing. There are paint units you can purchase genuinely reasonably at huge box stores, and they guarantee to give durable outcomes. However, that is essentially not true. These units are generally a bad dream to utilize, and their outcomes just keep going for 1-3 years (paying little mind to what the case might say). We had one homeowner use chalk paint to DIY refinish her counters, and the paint began scratching in the main week. Trust the professionals like Maryland Tub and Tile assuming you need to take full advantage of your venture.

The Affordable Way to Follow Current Kitchen Trends

There is an advantage to having countertops that keep going for 10 years. This allows you an opportunity to bounce on new kitchen rebuilding patterns as they arise. Only 10 years prior, tracker green counters were stylish and in vogue. Presently most homeowners are advancing toward dark tone countertops. In an additional 10 years, consumed orange could be the hot shading in kitchens. Regardless of the recent fad might be, you can moderately refresh your kitchen and bathroom with countertop refinishing.

It’s essential to take note that the life expectancy of your counters isn’t characterized by condition alone. Your counters might look incredible in 10 years, yet that won’t matter if you don’t care for them. To keep away from this issue, select an unbiased shading for your countertops that will go the distance. We have a wide scope of tones and wraps up to look over, so you can pick a style that will develop with the occasion.

Cost of Stone Countertops versus Refinished Countertops

Stone countertops can keep going for a long time, so they might appear to be a more reasonable long-haul arrangement. This is an ideal case for certain homeowners, however, for most, countertop refinishing is as yet the least value choice. When you factor in the expense and season of establishment, countertop refinishing is about a large portion of the cost of stone countertops. If you have a perplexing design or a long counter, that restricts the sorts of pieces you can get in this way expands your expenses significantly more.

The most ideal way of deciding whether countertop refinishing is appropriate for you is to plan a free statement. Contact Arlington TX Bathtub & Shower Refinishing Services, and one of our kitchen redesigning specialists will be glad to help you. We will clarify precisely what your costs will be, and you’ll see exactly how reasonable refinished countertops are.