Refinishing Bathtub Fixtures, the Easy Way

This article will discuss two major options of Arlington bathtub refinishing to help the homeowner decide which would be the best choice for him.

If you have an old bathtub that looks like it has seen better days, you may want to try bathtub refinishing as opposed to simply having it replaced. However, when doing so you also have the option of choosing a bath liner. Both of these are great alternatives to buying a new bath and paying to have it installed, but there are different situations where each one is the right choice. The following will take a look at both methods of bathtub refinishing to help you decide which is right for you.

The tub liner is an affordable method of bathtub refinishing that uses a PVC or acrylic cover that is simply glued right over the top of your tub’s original finish. This is a fast and cheap solution but it does not always have the professional look that many homeowners prefer. The alternative method of refinishing bathtub fixtures is to sand down the entire tub and recoat it with a paint or epoxy finish which is a much more time-consuming and messy method. The good news is that if you are not up to doing this type of job by yourself you can always call in a professional to handle it for you.

If you decide you would like to perform do-it-yourself tub refinishing then you will have to first purchase a kit that will contain all of the necessary materials to perform the job. There are several different types of kits and because they will always contain a type of paint or finish you have to make sure you buy one that is the right color to match your bath.

When you are ready to begin, you first have to clean out your tub thoroughly and make sure it is dry before you continue. Usually, your kit will contain a couple of different types of cleaning solutions that are specially designed to remove all types of oils and resins that are difficult to get rid of. Now you can go on to sand down the entire surface of the tub with 220 or 240 grit sandpaper. Then go ahead and give the tub another good rinsing before you continue.

You can now start to finish up by applying the primer reducer with a paper towel. If there are any deep cracks fill them with putty and give them about half an hour to dry. Now apply the first coat of primer. It is most important that your bathroom is well ventilated during this step. After about thirty minutes you can apply the final coat. Now you can give it about 48 hours to dry before you use the tub again. This is all there is to bathtub refinishing so before you go out and purchase a brand new tub for your home you may want to give this a try.